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Stress Management

Stress Management

About the course

Everyone experiences stress at work to some extent but for some people the level of stress or the duration exposed to stress can have terrible consequences. It can lead to low self-esteem, depression, increased blood pressure and a whole range of other health issues.

Stress is a big contributor for staff taking time off sick and it can be a real problem for both organisations and their employees, affecting business productivity and damaging relationships. Stress accounts for a significant proportion of work related illness each year. Being aware of the signs of stress, some of the triggers and how to manage them can make a real difference to your well-being and that of people around you.

Our online Stress Management course will equip you with the relevant knowledge enabling you to create as much of a stress free environment in the workplace as possible.

Key Points

  • CPD Approved **
  • Duration: 30 mins *
  • £35 per license
  • Fast effective learning in an interactive way
  • Opportunities to stop and start the course meaning that everyone has the time to learn.
  • Improved legal compliance
  • Effective evidence of quality training
*The course duration is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions

**Our CPD approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and distributed under licence.