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Schools Check Your Risk Assessments

Jun 26, 2015

Schools Check Your Risk Assessments

The Judd School in Kent was fined £10,000 after a student fractured his skull when he was struck by a ‘shot’ during a PE lesson.  Ensure that accidents don’t happen at your school by conducting suitable and appropriate risk assessments.

What are the risks? Then put controls in place to reduce the chance of an accident occurring. It is always important to make sure you have risk assessments in place for the activities you are teaching. Make sure you have them in place for all your lessons but take particular care with higher risk activities such as PE , Science and DT. Make sure your equipment is the safest it can be, that it is regularly checked and that your students are well informed how to use the equipment and how to play the sport.

When sports are being played make sure that third parties don’t get caught up in an activity. Likewise in Science and DT. Avoid incidents by keeping activities limited to those directly involved in them.  If there are spectators ensure that adequate distances are maintained.

For assistance with risk assessments please contact JCH Safety LTD for more advice.