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Your School Health and Safety Advisor in Coventry

Feb 13, 2017

JCH Safety specialise in providing health and safety support to schools in Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands. The education sector has very specific risks which require expert knowledge to help schools and academies to manage their health and safety. With JCH Safety, you can rest assured that our expert consultants have been working with safety in the education sector for years. Specialising in fire prevention, health and safety in the West Midlands region assures our clients that we are on hand when you need us. Being centrally located in Nuneaton, Warwickshire our location is prime for looking after schools across Coventry, Warwickshire, Leicester and the West Midlands.

School Health and Safety Advisor

Our health and safety consultancy services for school include competent person services for assistance with risk assessments; premises assessments; health and safety inspections and audits; fire health and safety training; and a wide range of consultancy. JCH Safety believe it is important that schools and academies should build positive relationships with our clients where the personal approach allows you to trust our guidance. We want to know our clients and their specific consultancy needs. This is achieved by you having a dedicated safety advisor who always handles your account. This way we get to know your specific hazards and risks which allows us to support you to manage them. JCH Safety is a small company dedicated to advising our clients properly. We don’t rush, we make time for our clients and we believe in the personal approach. After all our clients pay us to look out for their needs. As a result we believe in providing good old fashioned value for money with an approachable, friendly style.

Health and Safety and the Local Authority

For decades many schools received their health and safety support via the local authority. However, with the growth of market forces in the sector there are now many alternatives offering a personal service based on trust, experience and the need to provide clients with quality and value. Unfortunately, local authority services are often very heavily priced, which in an economy where budgets are tight, makes this difficult to sustain. Local authority service level agreements support large departments which come with high overheads. It is hardly surprising that they need to charge the amounts they do. JCH Safety LTD are a lean service provider. We do not work from expensive premises or have high overheads. Being established since 2014, JCH Safety has embraced modern working practices of remote working. Our work is at our client’s premises and so we do not need to run expensive offices. In fact, good consultants should be with clients not locked away in offices! A combination of home working and hot desking allows us to really keep our prices competitive and our services reliable, affordable and ahead of the competition. With years of experience in health and safety why not contact JCH Safety to help with your fire prevention needs and health and safety requirements?

Which company should we hire if we are leaving the local authority SLA?

The internet and modern marketing approaches has opened up the health and safety market to a lot of competition. People create smart looking websites and make claims that they are the best in the business. There are many good firms out there but there are also some companies without the required level of experience or expertise to provide a good quality, value for money service. Always spend some time looking into the proposed provider. Invite them for an interview and speak to them about your needs and requirements. A good health and safety company will be familiar with schools and the needs of academies, so you will soon start to realise the company that is for you. Find out what their costs are, compare them to other companies and seek references from other local schools.

JCH Safety like to keep costs under control. As a result many of our clients choose service agreements with set prices. This is a great way to manage budgets whilst having the peace of mind that your health and safety compliance requirements are being looked after. We also offer quoted for services depending on you bespoke requirements. If you require a health and safety inspection or assistance with a specific school related hazard please contact us to discuss your requirements.

It is important that you will be able to build up a trusted rapport with your new consultant. Make sure that you will be allocated your own expert and find out how often they will visit site. We strongly advise that you should have regular site visits. Risks cannot be adequately managed from an office or via email or telephone alone. Hazards need the personal touch, they need to be checked by experts to ensure compliance with your legal duties.
JCH Safety always talks about the importance of having a competent, experienced and qualified fire, health and safety expert. In order to find out how good your proposed consultant is ask them if they belong to professional bodies. Consider calling these organisations and ask them about the potential provider. Ideally consultants should be members of IOSH, IIRSM and the IFE. Look them up and find out all about health and safety. Alternatively, check out the HSE website or even get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

What about school health and safety training?

Many schools always bought their health and safety training from the local authority. Although you have a legal duty to train your staff to ensure they are safe at work, you don’t have to buy it from the local council. JCH Safety offer a wide variety of classroom styled training, at your premises, using interesting and interactive learning approaches. We are particularly proud of our Fire Marshal and Evacuation Strategy training. We have managed to help a number of schools master the art of evacuating their premises in under 4 minutes. If you are a school in the West Midlands that requires assistance with school emergency evacuation, then speak to the experts at JCH Safety.

JCH Safety provide specialist First Aid training at your workplace. We offer short and multiple day training courses depending on your needs. We always suggest that school staff should have a good understanding of first aid as children can be accident prone. JCH Safety offer specialist first aid risk assessments to identify your first aid requirements and then construct a training programme focused on your specific first aid requirements.
JCH Safety also offers a great range of online training for health and safety including online Asbestos Awareness courses, Online Fire Awareness training, Online Manual Handling training and Online COSHH Awareness. Have a look at our website to find out more about the particular courses that we offer.

Our online training is quality assured to ensure the materials meet the requirements of the relative regulations. It is easy to follow, interactive and uses the latest video presentation to really involve the learner. A key benefit of JCH Safety’s online training is that you can stop and start it allowing even the busiest of people to find time to complete their online health and safety training. Our online health and safety training can be done almost anywhere as long as you have a computer or tablet and a connection to the internet. Courses can be bought online via our website and active in no time at all. It really is simple to get started.
If you need to buy more than 10 user licences please contact us to discuss great multi user discounts! JCH Safety are always keen to offer value for money and quality health and safety solutions.

Keep your academy safe, use JCH Safety.

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