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Online Health & Safety Training, the most cost efficient way of staying compliant

Mar 9, 2017

Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t like health & safety training. Too many boring courses have been attended which have been provided by unqualified teachers on frankly quite boring subjects. We have all been there!  Many people think health and safety training is expensive, time consuming and doesn’t add value to the business. This is so wrong, it shouldn’t be this way!

Health & safety training doesn’t have to be like this. It should help businesses to grow and develop by equipping staff with good working practices, protecting businesses from expensive claims and accidents and helping staff to feel valued. Our staff are our biggest asset so we want you to keep them. So how to tackle the boring health and safety training issue. This is easy. Use good quality providers who know what they are on about. JCH Safety offer both classroom based and online health and safety training to meet our clients requirements.

Work Safety - Online Health & Safety CoursesWe are big advocates of online health & safety training. It has moved on a long way from the products being offered a few years ago. Have you tried good quality online health and safety training? If not, maybe you should consider this next time your team need to update their health and safety training in areas such as manual handling, working at height, asbestos awareness or display screen awareness training. Health and safety training is a legal necessity and a moral duty. Companies must keep their staff safe from harm while at work. Regulations state that staff need to be competent and for this to be achieved you need to keep training staff and following the requirements of the various health and safety regulations, such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. There are lots of ways to undergo training but the most efficient, and in many ways effective way to do this, is to take advantage of good quality, approved online health and safety training.

JCH Safety Ltd has a great range of online health & safety training that has been assessed and endorsed by expert external organisations to ensure the quality of the learning experience. One of the key benefits to our online health and safety training courses is that you can study them virtually anywhere you have a good internet connection. You can stop and start the training to fit around your busy lifestyle and you can be assured that you will benefit from good quality, interactive learning materials. Our courses are ‘video style’ where a presenter clearly goes through the materials with you and explains everything you need to know in a friendly and understandable way. We don’t patronise our learners with childish cartoon learning. We use good quality adult learning techniques which support our learners to increase their subject knowledge in a simple way. We always avoid jargon as we are keen to ensure that your learner experience is positive. You can go over the course material as many times as you need to ensure that you fully understand the subject you are studying. We also offer free online trials so that you can ‘try before you buy.’ Our courses are competitively priced and our brand assures our clients of value for money and expertise. Also, if you need any additional support all you need to do is get in touch and our trainers will gladly help you over the telephone. JCH Safety are always there for our clients.

We have a great range of health & safety courses available and we would love to direct you to our website so you can find out more. Alternatively, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. If you need to study multiple courses or are looking to purchase a number of courses for your staff please get in touch. We are happy to offer discounts for bulk purchases of over 5 licences. Please get in touch to discuss this further.

Keep your staff safe, make sure they are properly trained in health and safety.

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