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JCH Safety’s Church Fire Safety Course

Jan 24, 2018

Fire Safety for Churches

On Saturday 20th January, JCH Safety held a Fire Safety for churches and Fire Marshal training course at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church in Coventry. Attending were delegates from both St. Martins and also from Warwick Road United Reform Church in Coventry. The course was well attended by members from both churches and the classroom style course was lively with plenty of participation.

Fire safety for churches is a complicated matter requiring specialist knowledge. It is vital that in the case of an emergency that churches can evacuate quickly and safely. Both St. Martin-in-the-Fields and Warwick Road Church have extensive community spaces with a variety of conference style facilities, commercial kitchens and groups meeting at their premises. With these circumstances in mind, the Fire Risk Assessments that were conducted by JCH Safety, identified that both churches needed to carry out Fire Marshal training. During the course we examined the principles fire safety for churches, fire marshalling and considered the practical skills needed to conduct an evacuation. We looked at recent fire history in Coventry considering the fire at Sidney Stringer School, the fire at St. Nicholas’ Church in Warwickshire and also the fire at Tottenham Pentecostal Church. These cases bring the danger of fire to life. We considered the lessons from these cases and moved onto look at the ways to prevent fires occurring at church. Finally, we looked at how to respond in the case of a fire and how to manage the safe evacuation of the building including how to liaise with the fire services. Within the training session we also considered first aid provisions, safe guarding and general health and safety at public events inside churches. As you can tell the conversation was lively and that is what JCH Safety looks for from our fire, health and safety training sessions.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that sufficient fire awareness and fire safety training is provided. Fire Marshal training can be carried out in several ways including through classroom style but also via our online Fire Marshal Training. St. Martins and Warwick Road Church opted for the classroom style and the feedback demonstrated that delegates had enjoyed the course. If you are interested in our online Fire Marshal Course please click here to register for our free trial. If you are uncertain of your requirements please feel free to call or email to discuss your situation. We are always pleased to hear from you!

JCH Safety is always keen to work with local Coventry churches in all aspects of fire prevention, health and safety. We have an established reputation for working with churches, schools, colleges and local Coventry and Warwickshire based businesses. If you require assistance with any aspect of fire safety, either through Fire Risk Assessment or training, please get in touch. We offer special reduced rates for churches, charities and community groups. Where we can, we offer free advice to these groups also, so if you have a question please feel free to get in touch.