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Is your organisation Covid-19 Secure?

May 12, 2020

Now is the time to prepare for the ‘new normal.’


Is your organisation Covid-19 Secure? Life as we knew it feels a distant memory. Due to the efforts we have all been making there are glimmers of hope on the horizon. Lock-down is starting to ease and now is the time to prepare the UK to reopen. The Prime Minister has set out the government’s plan to return life to normal and now organisations need to start getting ready to play their part.This means schools, businesses, shops, pubs and charities need to prepare to increase their activity once more. It will not simply be a case of returning to work.

We are going to have to live with the threat of COVID-19 for some time to come. The only way we can do this safely, is to manage the risk. Chartered health and safety professionals can help organisations to do this. Now is the time to utilise specialists and to plan for the future. Failure to plan, is planning to fail.

As schools and businesses start to get ready to open their gates, it is vital that safety is managed and put at the forefront of your organisations’ objectives. Never before has safety been so important. For too long, some organisations have let safety slip, but now health and safety really is a life and death matter. If you manage safety properly, if you risk assess, create safe working practices and train people, there is no reason that life can’t start to move back in the right direction. This can be done safely and with minimum risk to people. However, failure to manage health and safety properly could have catastrophic results leading to outbreaks of COVID-19 clusters. As a result, education and business leaders must commit resources to establishing new ways of working and provide ongoing safety supervision around COVID-19 safety controls.

‘The way to go about reopening is all about planning. As with all aspects of safety, start with carrying out a detailed COVID-19 risk assessment.’


Is your organisation Covid-19 Secure?


A COVID-19 risk assessment is a careful and informed assessment of working environments and task management to identify potential risks to public health. It includes establishing safety controls to mitigate the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in your workplace. This is vital work and it must be done properly. Organisations must consider opening times, working hours, seating arrangements, cleaning regimes, access to appropriate PPE and when it should be used, management of pre-existing health conditions, first aid , security and many other areas of risk.  JCH Safety are Chartered Occupational Safety and Health Practitioners, we have decades of expertise in managing health and safety and we can work with you to become COVID-19 secure.

JCH Safety are working with organisations across Coventry and Warwickshire, helping them to manage health and safety during this difficult time. We have worked with organisations that have remained open during the crisis, helping their teams stay safe. We have prepared risk assessments, we have spoken to staff and carried out vital training.

With our professional expertise in safety, we have adapted to applying the principles of health and safety to this new hazard in our workplaces. We are also working with businesses, schools and organisations to help them to become, what is now deemed as, COVID-19 Secure. This is focused on making work environments safe places for people. It can be done. It is all about planning, talking and assessing risk and putting in place health and safety controls that will help defeat the spread of this virus.

Who will enforce COVID-19 safety?


The HSE have been given responsibility for inspecting workplaces in regards to COVID-19 safety. They will be visiting sites across the UK to ensure organisations are protecting the health of the nation. The HSE have powers to ensure organisations work safely. It is vital that you start to change the way you work now. These changes include utilising digital solutions such as Zoom; altering physical workplaces such as by redesigning desk layouts; changing routines such as altering timetables; increasing hygiene by training cleaners and using new products; and through educating people on the risks and consequences of not following new guidelines.

These are frightening times but education and science can defeat fear. The fear is in the unknown but each day more information is coming to light and this information must be part of your organisations ongoing safety management.  The use of Chartered Safety Practitioners will help you with this.

The government has released new guidelines on working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) and JCH Safety are using our occupational health and safety, and fire safety expertise to help organisations become COVID-19 secure. You must not neglect your existing safety duties such as statutory inspections, the need for fire risk assessments and servicing work equipment for example. Your return to normal plan must factor in managing your existing duties. There is much work to be done and you must get it right. Let JCH Safety help you along the way. We are offering a variety of services to help organisations in Coventry and Warwickshire to get ready to open once more.

How can JCH Safety help?


We host online Zoom meetings for organisations to help with strategy, policy formation and risk assessment. We bring together your key players and decision makers to work with you do develop a specific COVID-19 safety strategy. Our prices are very reasonable, we do not have extortionate hourly rates and we do not insist on long, expensive contracts. Our digital Zoom COVID-19 meetings start from just £150, for a 90 minute consultation and planning session. This is directly with an experienced Chartered Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner. From here we can start to carry out a desktop gap analysis of your organisation in terms of COVID-19. For some organisation, this meeting is enough to get them started and they just check in with us every so often with their progress for a small meeting fee of £60. For larger organisations, or those with greater risk, they choose to engage our services longer – taking out either short term agreements or by arranging subsequent online meetings. We are working both digitally through Zoom and also physically by attending sites whilst adhering to strict safety protocols. We are here to help prepare businesses, schools and other organisations for the new normal.

What should you do now?

Many schools and businesses are, quite rightly, concerned about COVID-19. It is the biggest threat to the UK’s public health in living memory. Now the government is starting the process of opening up the economy and this means schools are soon to start to bring back more staff and students. Businesses are going to reopen their doors. Play your part in keeping Britain safe and allow JCH Safety to help you to do this.