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How Health and Safety Compliance can Generate Business and Sales

Sep 20, 2018

Health and Safety Compliance

‘JCH Safety is Helping Coventry Construction Businesses To Win Work’

Health and safety keeps people alive and ensures employees go home safe at the end of their working day. Businesses and organisations want to trade with companies who can demonstrate legal health and safety compliance and look for contractors who can do this. One of the main ways they do this is to look for contractors who are members of prequalification health and safety accreditation schemes such as CHAS, Safecontractor and Constructionline.

JCH Safety specialises in practical health and safety which keeps the workforce safe and also adds value to the business. When safety is done properly, it is not just a business cost, but also a business benefit and opportunity. Good safety managers understand that businesses, particularly small businesses, need to make money not just spend it. JCH Safety wants to work with businesses that are committed to protecting their employees and winning profitable contracts from reputable companies who pay their bills. A sign of a ‘good customer’ is someone sees the importance and benefit in you protecting your staff. They also understand that companies who are committed to compliance may need to charge a little more to do this and this is why they insist their suppliers are all members of prequalification schemes. It levels the playing field and ensures that companies you quote against are professional, quality contractors. At JCH Safety we have helped many small businesses in the construction sector to achieve membership of schemes such as CHAS, Constructionline and Safecontractor. This includes flooring contractors, painting contractors and refurbishment specialists. If you are looking to win building sector business, join a prequalification scheme. If you need help with it, please let us know!

Don’t let contractor prequalification schemes prevent you from winning business. Let JCH Safety work with you to achieve accreditation and win contracts from large organisations, the public sector and a range of businesses. There is a lot of construction and refurbishment work being carried out across Coventry and Warwickshire at the moment and we can help you to win contracts through membership of CHAS, Safecontractor and Constructionline. Many of these organisations offer client links, business promotion opportunities and even ‘meet the buyer’ events. Accreditation costs less you would think! Please get in touch to find out more.

Why do I have to join a prequalification accreditation scheme such as Safecontractor?

It is a legal requirement for companies to ensure that their contractors understand what is required of them to be health and safety compliant. Contractors and subcontractors need to understand health and safety law and put it into practice. Ways of demonstrating this include having trained and experienced staff and well thought out health and safety policies and procedures. In order to comply with health and safety regulations, organisations need to assess their suppliers. As a result, many companies use prequalification accreditation schemes such as Safecontractor, CHAS and Constructionline to prequalify contractors. In fact many companies, hospitals and local authorities insist that their suppliers and sub-contractors are registered with these schemes before being allowed to quote for work. Smaller companies can find the process of registering with such schemes to be bureaucratic, time consuming and too difficult to do. This is a shame as many of the organisations requiring membership of such schemes award millions of pounds worth of projects, ranging from orders for just a couple of hundred pounds to huge projects worth millions. You might be a small painting company or a suspended ceiling contractor looking for projects worth a few thousand pounds – membership of prequalification schemes can be very useful in opening doors to suppliers. Some of our clients win up to 90 per cent of their business from suppliers who insist their subcontractors are member of such schemes.

Get in touch for more information about becoming health and safety compliant.