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May 5, 2021

With a number of serious fires occurring around Coventry of late, JCH Safety would like to remind readers of how to be fire safe at work.

Fire is a major risk in workplaces and the consequences of not having a suitable fire risk assessment in place can be catastrophic. Good fire safety always starts with a fire risk assessment. The assessments are required by law, and it is concerning how many companies either do not have an up to date assessment, or don’t know what a fire risk assessment is, and as a result, don’t have one in place at all.

Fire risk assessments are a detailed assessment of the risk of fire to a business. If you employ more than 5 staff, by law, you must have a detailed, written, fire risk assessment in place. Failure to do so puts you and your company at risk of prosecution.

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Free Consultancy

JCH Safety are offering free online fire safety consultancy sessions to answer questions about fire safety. If you need to know about fire alarms, fire doors, staff training or anything fire related, we are here to help. JCH Safety are happy to answer questions and to discuss how we may be of assistance to your business.

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JCH Safety are a health and safety consultancy based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. We are specialist fire risk assessors and have a vast experience and wide client base. We regularly carry out fire risk assessments in Birmingham, Coventry and work nationwide between London and Manchester. We are also available to carry out fire risk assessments in Cornwall.