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Safety Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments

You have a legal duty to provide risk assessments


JCH Safety provide expert fire risk assessments for all types of buildings.  The government is clear that fire risk assessments should be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent fire risk assessor in order to satisfy the requirements of UK fire regulations.


Fire safety has never been more important and the requirement to choose a competent, trained and skilled assessor has never been more necessary. To do this you should use an assessor who is third party accredited (or certified). This means they have been independently and expertly assessed to ensure their competence to assess fire risk. Using a competent fire risk assessor gives you the peace of mind that the assessment will take into account all the relevant fire hazards within your workplace. We are third party accredited. Our Fire Risk Assessor is not only a Chartered Safety Practitioner but he is also assessed to Tier 2 of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers’ Tiered Fire Risk Assessors Register (TFRAR).

How much does a fire risk assessment cost?

Fire Risk Assessments Estimated Costs

(prices for businesses, warehouses, shops, retail, offices, pubs and restaurants)

Area (m²) Area (ft²) Price (NO VAT)
0-200 m² 0-2000 ft² £350
200-500 m² 2000-5000 ft² £450
500-700 m² 5000-9000 ft² £525
700-900 m² 7000-9000 ft² £625
900-1200 m² 9000-12000 ft² £695
1200-1500 m² 12000-15000 ft² £725
1500-2000 m² 15000-20000 ft² £825
2000-4000 m² 20000-40000 ft² £925
4000 m² plus 40,000 ft² plus Please call

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We offer term health and safety contracts which include fire risk assessments. Call to find out more.

Take your fire safety seriously.

We have a range of fire safety traing courses that provide comprehensive, accredited training to individuals, managers and organisations. We offer fire safety courses in basic fire safety training, fire risk assessment, the principles of fire safety for the workplace, fire warden (fire marshal) training and fire risk assessment and management training.

JCH Safety offers your organisation both service and value, helping you reduce the risks to staff and visitors alike.

Be safe, be compliant – partner with JCH Safety, Coventry and Warwickshire’s expert Fire & Risk Assessors.

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