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Fire Risk Assessments

Fire prevention measures are vital to every organisation. At JCH Safety, we know first hand how having robust fire safety protocols saves lives. Fire safety starts with a fire risk assessment to determine what fire hazards exist at your property and to assess whether your existing controls are suitable for managing them.

Fire risk assessments are required by law and are fundamental to meeting your legal duties to protect your staff from the risk of fire. We offer fire risk assessment services to businesses, schools, and other organisations across Coventry and Warwickshire. Our fire risk assessment covers all types of premises, including offices, warehouses, schools, churches, care homes, factories and more. We have trained, advanced-assessors who strive to make your work environment safer for you, your employees and your visitors.

Make sure your fire safety is compliant by using Nuneaton’s specialist Fire Risk Assessors to measure how you are doing and to offer you advice about what is required to make your building safe.

We offer a very competitive, fixed price service where your fire risk assessment is carried out by a local, qualified fire safety professional. We are members of the Institution of Fire Engineers, IOSH,  the Fire Protection Association and IIRSM.

Our services include:


How much does a fire risk assessment cost?

Fixed Price Fire Risk Assessments

(prices for businesses, warehouses, shops, retail, offices, pubs and restaurants)


Area (m²) Area (ft²) Price (NO VAT)
0-100 m²
0-1000 ft²
100-200 m²
1000-2000 ft²
200-500 m²
2000-5000 ft²
500-900 m²
5000-9000 ft²
900-1200 m²
9000-12000 ft²
1200-2000 m²
12000-20000 ft²
2000-5000 m²
20000-50000 ft²
5000 m² plus 50,000 ft² plus Please call

For schools, colleges, churches, nursing homes, factories and other locations please call for a free quotation.

We offer term health and safety contracts which include fire risk assessments. Call to find out more.

Free Fire Risk Assessment Consultancy

With a number of serious fires occurring around Coventry of late, JCH Safety would like to remind readers of how to be fire safe at work. Fire is a major risk in workplaces and the consequences of not having a suitable fire risk assessment in place can be...

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