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Your Fire Risk Assessment Specialist in Coventry

Jan 31, 2017

Fire Risk Assessment Specialist - Safety glassesAt JCH Safety we are able to offer a wide range of fire, health and safety support, consultancy, training and assessments. Depending on your existing arrangements and needs our health and safety experts will be able to advise you. Selecting qualified, experienced and competent health and safety consultants is imperative. You have a legal requirement to select assessors and consultants who are competent in their field. Selecting the correct fire, health and safety consultancy requires careful consideration.

Selecting the Right Health and Safety Consultants and Fire Risk Assessors

The internet has opened up the market to a lot of competition. It is easy for people to create websites and claim to be able to provide a service, but it is important that the consultancy you choose to use is up to the job. You need to check that they have the correct insurances in place including Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Ask to take a copy of these and keep them for your records. Ensure that the consultancy has qualified and experienced staff and ask a little bit about them. How long have they been with the company; what is their experience; will you have a dedicated consultant who will work with you, helping you to build a business relationship that you can trust? You need to find out about that specific person. What professional bodies do they belong to? Ideally they should be members of IOSH, IIRSM and the IFE. It would also be a good idea to speak to some of their other customers or to take up references.

Fire Risk Assessment Specialist - Insurance

When selecting a consultant, to help you with managing your health and safety and for carrying out your Fire Risk Assessment, it is important to check that consultant is knowledgeable enough about your industry or sector to be able to offer you a good service. Not every assessor is suitable for every application. JCH Safety specialise in providing their fire, health and safety consultancy services to small-to-medium sized businesses and the education sector. Our clients include schools and academies, factories, warehouses, logistics companies and online retailers around Nuneaton, Coventry and the Warwickshire areas. The West Midlands has a number of companies who provide services to the car industry and we are pleased to support a number of these companies with their health and safety service needs. We also provide health and safety consultancy services to builders and flooring contractors.

Fire Risk Assessment

fire risk assessment specialist matchesFire Risk Assessments are a legal requirement. The reason for carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment is to assess a building to ensure that it is safe for use, unlikely to catch fire and capable of protecting its inhabitants should a fire start. You can carry out a fire risk assessment yourself. You do not have to have a specialist fire safety consultant to do it. However, you need to be competent to do this. You need to know what is required, how to assess fire risks and how to go about rectifying these hazards to a safe and controllable level. Many schools and businesses choose to use a fire risk assessor to help them to carry out a fire risk assessment. JCH Safety carry out many fire risk assessments across Coventry and Warwickshire working closely with the responsible person to assess fire risks and to put together action plans to rectify issues and improve fire safety. JCH Safety also work with schools and businesses to devise fire evacuation procedures in order to ensure buildings can be quickly evacuated with everyone accounted for. In order to ensure JCH Safety are qualified, experienced and competent to do this we are Associates of the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE).

If you would like any assistance with your fire risk assessment, fire evacuation procedures or to carry out a fire safety audit please do not hesitate to contact JCH Safety to find out more.

Fire Awareness Training

Part of a fire risk assessment is to ascertain whether or not your staff are trained in basic fire awareness. Businesses, schools and organisations must, by law, provide fire awareness training to their staff. This includes information about fire, fire hazards and risk as well as information about how to evacuate a building. We provide both classroom style training sessions at your premises or we have a state of the art online health and safety training suite.

JCH Safety offer online Fire Awareness Training. This is provided using interactive video training with multiple choice questions. It is interactive, easy to follow and understand, cost effective and a really good way to ensure your business is legally compliant.

Fire Marshal Training

Another part of a fire risk assessment is to ensure you have adequate evacuation procedures and people to help manage this should a fire break out. You must have Fire Marshals to help to coordinate evacuations from your premises in the event of a fire. It is imperative that these are trained how to carry out their duties. JCH Safety regularly carry out fire marshal training at schools and businesses across Coventry and Warwickshire. Being a local company we can work with our clients to build up trust in health and safety management including all aspects of assessment, training and procedures. We can help you with Fire Marshal Training both by classroom style training sessions and through our online health and safety courses. If you would like to use our online Fire Marshal Course please see the website.

Free Online Training Trials

It is always a good idea to ‘try before you buy.’ If you would like to view our online courses you can sign up to view the first modules of all of our online health and safety courses. They were designed by experts with you in mind. JCH Safety are committed to making light work of health and safety in order to ensure our clients are kept safe at work.

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