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Equality, Diversity and Discrimination Training Course


JCH Safety Ltd are a Chartered Occupational Safety and Health Practice, based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Our courses are prepared with our customers in mind. Our Equality and Diversity course is designed and delivered to be of assistance to our candidates. We specially tailor the course content to meet the needs and objectives of the people, environments, and organisations that we work with.

Our course objective is to provide awareness through an introduction to the Equality Act 2010 in a friendly and informative way. The course content focuses on promoting equality among all diverse people. This involves explaining the core of the legislation and helping to identify how it applies in real life.

The course explains what is meant by discrimination, harassment and victimisation, and outlines each of the protected characteristics in detail, so that you can learn how to encourage equal opportunities and ensure discrimination is prevented.

Our training has three core components:


Equality and Diversity Law: An Introduction

Who does the Equality Act apply to, what are your responsibilities, and what needs to be done to ensure equality and diversity are promoted and visible within the workplace? This introduction brings the legislation to life to let learners understand how it applies to them.
• The Equality Act 2010
• Employer responsibilities
• Benefits of equality and diversity
• Positive action to promote diversity
• Removing hidden barriers
• Equal pay – sex equality
• Reasonable adjustments – disability equality


Discrimination, Harassment and Victimisation

Here we look to explain the different types of discrimination, as well as to explore what constitutes harassment, sexual harassment, victimisation, bullying, stereotyping and prejudice. We outline how to report these behaviours if they are happening in your workplace.

The Nine Protected Characteristics

Have you heard of the nine protected characteristics? Here we explain the protected characteristics specified within the Equality Act, including what each of them refers to by law and examples of each in practice.
• Age
• Disability
• Gender reassignment
• Marriage and civil partnership
• Pregnancy and maternity
• Race
• Religion or belief
• Sex
• Sexual orientation


Key learning goals:

• What is discrimination?
• Understanding direct discrimination
• Considering what is discrimination by association?
• Understanding discrimination by perception
• Challenging indirect discrimination
• Considering what is unfavourable treatment?
• Understanding what are reasonable adjustments?

We look to challenge:

• Harassment
• Sexual harassment
• Victimisation
• Bullying
• Stereotyping and prejudice

We identify:

• How to respect everyone
• How to report discrimination, harassment, victimisation or bullying

Key Information

• In person classroom learning for up to 15 people
• 1 hour training session
• Interactive and friendly teaching approach
• Training by a Chartered Occupational Health Professional

About Our Trainer

• Informative and Engaging
• Qualified NVQ Level 5/6 Assessor
• BTEC Education and Training (QCF)
• Qualified, Chartered Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner
• Member of IIRSM
• OSHCR member

Aims of the Training:

Upon successful completion of our awareness course, you will:
• Better understand the Equality Act 2010, identifying what are lawful and unlawful behaviours.
• Be familiar with the nine protected characteristics.
• Know how to promote equality and diversity of the characteristics in the workplace.

• Understand the responsibilities of employers, managers, and HR teams in ensuring equality and diversity day-to-day work practices and procedures.

• Know what is meant by discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying.

• Know how to avoid discrimination and bullying and how to report these behaviours.
• Recognise ways changes to behaviour can be made in order to ensure equality between colleagues and the people around us.

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Equality, Diversity and Discrimination Online Training Course

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