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The Benefits of Online Health and Safety Training

Nov 14, 2017

Online Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety is a crucial part of any business and all professionals should have the knowledge to keep themselves and their work colleagues safe from dangers in the workplace. As stated by the HSE, over 200 people are killed at work each year and over a million are injured. In addition to this over 2 million people are made ill by, or have their illness exacerbated, by their work. Every business depends on a decent health and safety training programme to ensure that their workforce stays in good health and that business operations continue to run smoothly. Online health and safety training is a good option for your business.

There are many different types of Health and Safety Training available, and different types are suited to different businesses. Most notably there is in-house training, out-sourced training and online training. So, what are the benefits of online health and safety training for your workforce?

Ease of Access

One of the great benefits of online health & safety training is that the courses are accessible from anywhere. This means that you do not have to go through the rigmarole of hiring a venue or organising a large enough room to fit all your workforce. Your staff can access the courses from their desk or even from their home.

Cost Reduction

The cost per head for online health & safety courses is proven to be far less than face to face, with statistics showing that you can save anywhere between 75% and 95% of the cost. An online subscription-based model will eliminate the costs of hiring venues and instructors. In addition to this the cost per head will reduce as the number of students increases, making further savings in proportion to the size of your company.

Easier to Coordinate

Ensuring coordination of your health & safety policy throughout the various organisational departments can be nothing short of a nightmare. And this is particularly true if your company comprises of multiple office locations. With an online health & safety portal, it is far easier to coordinate all your workforce no matter where they are located. It eliminates the need to hire multiple venues or your assessors to travel to multiple locations.

Easy Access to Reports and Assessments

One of the biggest benefits of using an online system for your health and safety needs is the fact that all assessments, scores and reports are stored in a single place. No need for a paper trail and no need for multiple managers to keep track of each department. You can now access all your workforce course data from a single login, saving you and your team much needed time, resources and money. Using an online system will also allow you to easily identify risk issues based on the course data, allowing you to further tailor health and safety requirements for departments or even specific employees.

Easy Update and Expansion

Changes in health and safety legislation occur frequently and in some cases, require your workforce to update their knowledge and skill-set every 12 months. This can be very costly if you need to consider venue and instructor hire and workforce coordination. With online health and safety courses, changes can be made in real time to the course content enabling your team to keep up to date with legislation easily and with minimal disruption to you and your team’s schedule.

It is always a good idea to ‘try before you buy.’ If you would like to view our online courses you can sign up to view the first modules of all of our online health and safety courses. They were designed by experts with you in mind. JCH Safety are committed to making light work of health and safety in order to ensure our clients are kept safe at work.