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All you need to know about online fire safety training!

Aug 6, 2020

What is fire safety training?

Fire safety training includes both Basic Fire Awareness Training and Fire Marshal Training. Fire Marshal Training is also sometimes referred to as Fire Warden Training. Neither courses involve tackling fires or being firefighters. The training is designed to reduce the risk of fire and to keep people safe at work. Fire safety training is required by law. JCH Safety have a range of online training courses to help your organisation be compliant.

What does fire safety training involve?

 Fire safety training is designed to ensure that people are aware of the risks of fire at work,  to reduce the chance of a fire happening.There are three core elements to fire safety training.

Firstly there is Basic Fire Awareness Training, secondly Fire Marshal Training, and thirdly there is Fire Extinguisher Training.

Basic Fire Awareness Training is the minimum level of training that all staff should have in order to help keep people safe from fire at work. It includes information about what causes fire and what employees should do to help prevent fires occurring. Many accidental fires at work could easily be avoided. Preventing fire saves lives and protects jobs.

Many companies who experience a major fire do not recover and fail shortly after.  In today’s world most fires can be avoided through fire risk assessment, fire mitigation strategies and through training. Fire safety is paramount to business success. A fire need not happen at your workplace.

Basic Fire Awareness Training courses offered by JCH Safety include fire prevention training, understanding fire extinguishers and knowing how to use them. They also explain personal responsibilities individuals have at work in regard to fire safety. This training could save your life and business.

Fire Marshal Training teaches candidates about what is involved with this role. A fire marshal is not a full time job role but bolts onto an employees’ day to day responsibilities. Fire marshals (sometimes known as fire wardens) are civilians trained to assist in emergency fire evacuation procedures at businesses and other organisations. Our training fully equips candidates to be an effective fire marshal. This includes understanding the role of the fire marshal in the event of a fire; the role of the fire marshal during an evacuation; and duties for ‘normal’ times. The task of being a fire marshal is not onerous but it is vital.  Our course provides extensive knowledge of fire prevention, evacuation protocol and using fire extinguishers.

Online Fire Awareness Training

How long does the training take?

The training does not take long. Most people easily complete the courses in one sitting. The joy of online training is that you can break it up into separate learning slots to suit you. The online Fire Marshal course is the longer and more detailed of the two courses. It takes about 220 minutes and the online Basic Fire Awareness course takes most people just over an hour.

Once completed, you get a certificate to demonstrate you have successfully completed the course.

Do workplaces have to have fire marshals?

Yes, it is a legal obligation that workplaces must have a sufficient number of fire marshals to deal with fire emergencies. The number needed should be determined through the fire risk assessment process. This should include enough fire marshals to cover holidays and sickness also. If you do not have an up to date fire risk assessment this must be carried out by law. JCH Safety provide detailed fire risk assessments as part of our services. Please get in touch to request a free quotation. We work nationwide.


Is it dangerous to be a fire marshal?


Being a fire marshal should not be dangerous. People often misunderstand the role of a fire marshal and mistake it for meaning that you fight fires. Fire marshal are not expected to be firefighters. The training explains that your task is to help coordinate fire evacuations so as to ensure everyone has escaped from the building.  You will not be expected to carry out dangerous rescues or to fight fires. Your role is purely to help people evacuate themselves from buildings safely and to keep an eye on fire protection measures, such as fire extinguishers, during normal times.


How do I get trained?


There are a number of ways Fire Marshal Training and Basic Fire Awareness Training is taught. JCH Safety offer two options. We can provide online or physical classroom style training at your premises or at a convenient local training venue.

This training involves face to face teaching about the dangers of fire and how to reduce the risk of fire at work, either through the Basic Fire Awareness Course or the more detailed Fire Marshal course. We also offer RoSPA and CPD Approved online training. Our online Fire Marshal course is state of the art offering video style training seminars where you can learn and take the course from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our online training courses are really flexible and help people acquire accredited learning in a way that works for the individual. Both our online Fire Marshal Training course and our online Basic Fire Awareness Course are very popular.

Our courses are easy to do, they are informative and interactive. When we were arranging our online courses we had one key priority, to make sure they were not boring. They are well developed and professional. They are not just a voice-over to a Power Point slide show. How boring are they!

We are so confident in all our online training courses that we offer free trials for all of our courses. This way, you can try some of  the course material for free to make sure you get along with it.


What sectors is the training for?


Our online training courses are universal. They provide accredited, professional online training in such a way that the principles taught, can be applied across sectors. Many of our clients include people from schools and the education sector; from manufacturing; office based businesses; and the construction sector to mention just a few. If you have any questions about out online training and its suitability, please get in touch. We are always happy to talk to customers.

We also have some specialist fire awareness and fire marshal training particularly aimed at the care sector and nursing homes. Have a look at these specialist focused courses if you are from this particular setting.


Who are JCH Safety?


JCH Safety Ltd are a forward thinking Chartered Safety Practice based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. We are perfectly located close to Coventry and Birmingham to allow us to work across England. We carry out fire risk assessments, fire safety training and consulting on all aspects of occupational safety and health.  We work from London to Manchester and so provide a large geographical reach. As Chartered Safety Practitioners, you can be assured that we are professionals.

What are the modules that are studied for the course?

The Online Fire Marshal Course covers these aspects:


Our Basic Fire Awareness Course training looks at:



What other online training courses are there?

Online training is a great way to gain new knowlege, add to your CV and be safe at work. JCH Safety offer a wide range of online training courses including (but not limited to):


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