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5 Roles of A Fire Marshal

Jan 24, 2018

Fire Marshall

Fire Marshals, also known as Fire Wardens, play a valuable role in protecting life and property. If you are responsible for fire safety you really need to understand why Fire Marshals are so important to your business, church or school.

1). Fire Marshals help to evacuate the building

In the case of the fire alarm sounding the Fire Marshal assumes their responsibilities. They stop what they are doing and they help to coordinate the evacuation. They shout clear and decisive instructions for people to leave the building and direct people to their nearest exit points. Once the evacuation is underway the trained Fire Marshal knows they have just a couple of minutes to fulfil the rest of their duties. They commence a ‘sweep’ through their designated area checking that everyone is out and looking for signs of fire, smoke or heat that could have caused the alarm to go off. Once they have checked their areas, closing windows and doors if safe to do so, they evacuate from the building themselves. Their next job is to go to the Fire Assembly Point and to report to the Senior Fire Marshal that their areas are ‘clear’ or notify them of any issues that need to be known, such as the location of a fire or anyone awaiting rescue at a refuge point.

2). Fire Marshals help to maintain fire safety standards

Trained Fire Marshals are always keeping a check on the building. They know the risk of sources of heat being too close to flammable items and will do their best to reduce this risk. If they see paper stored on computers they will move it, if they see electrical items left on they will turn them off and they will keep an eye to ensure fire exits are kept clear at all times.

3). Fire Marshal assist with documentation

Trained and competent fire marshals help to ensure that good quality records are maintained. Legislation requires that fire safety activities and fire safety equipment are tested and inspected with records kept. Fire Marshals often help with fire extinguisher checks, fire door checks and hazardous materials storage inspections.

4). Fire Marshals check fire safety signs

Fire Marshals will ensure that fire safety signage is correct and is in place. A good Fire Marshal will ensure that fire exits signs are in the right locations, that ‘fire door keep shut’ signs are in situ and that Fire Action Notices are in place and correctly filled out.

5). Fire Marshals carry out fire safety inductions

All new starters, by law, must have Basic Fire Awareness Training. Fire Marshals are an excellent resource for assisting new starters with fire safety training. They can help with familiarisation training showing new starters where the Fire Assembly Point is and where the fire exits are. They can show the new starter the Fire Safety Procedures and explain what happens when the alarm goes off. A good Fire Marshal will ensure that the new starter carries out their online Basic Fire Awareness Training and to help answer any questions the new starter may have.

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