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5 Reasons For Health and Safety Training in Coventry and Warwickshire

Apr 8, 2019

Health & Safety TrainingThere are a number of great ways to carry out health and safety training in Coventry and Warwickshire these days. Some people enjoy traditional training styles, reading and exams. Other people prefer a more interactive learning experience such as NVQs for example. It really depends on the type of learner to be honest and the subject that is being explored. Our experience is, with health and safety training, it is really important to find a way of getting vital safety training across to people in a practical and interesting way. Although safety training is compulsory for areas such as fire awareness (link), manual handling (link) amongst others, it is really important that people genuinely learn from it. The best way to make learning successful is to make it enjoyable. JCH Safety have made considerable efforts and investment in our health and safety training courses to allow us to give our students the best learning opportunities. Afterall safety training saves lives, protects health and helps us to all go home safely at the end of the day. Our classroom trainers are knowledgeable, experienced and qualified and we are able to design courses focused on your specific needs. Whether you require classroom based first aid training; fire marshal training or work at height training we can help. In fact we have a whole array of health and safety training courses available to you. Please feel free to call us to find out more about our classroom courses.

In addition to classroom teaching JCH Safety Ltd also provide NVQ Level 5 Health and Safety diploma courses. If you would like to find out more about these opportunities please do not hesitate to get in touch. These courses can either be done by distance or via regular site visits.  There are lots of opportunities here.

Lots of people prefer to opt for online health and safety training these days, as it is flexible, easy to do and a really great way to learn. There will always be a place for classroom based learning. For some courses there is a mixture of the two to ensure that learning has taken place. There is often confusion as to what training has to be done and then about what level the training must be at to be legally compliant. Many of our clients come to us for safety training and we provide them with the most suitable courses to meet their requirements. All of our online courses are independently accredited to ensure quality. You can rest assured that our training is interesting, relevant and up to standard.

These issues gave us the idea that it might be useful to provide some explanation about why health and safety training is important and to offer you some suggestions for how you can find out a bit more:

So what are the five reasons for health and safety training?

  1. It is required by law. The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 states that every employer has to provide necessary instruction, information, training and supervision to make sure that their employees and others are not affected by the company’s activities. As a result, schools, colleges, businesses and other employers must provide health and safety training that is relevant to their business activities.
  2. Risk assessment: most good risk assessments will see the value of health and safety training as one of the best ways of controlling risks. It is legally required that staff are trained to carry out work that encounters risk. The purpose of a risk assessment is to identify hazards and then to plan controls that minimise the risk to safe levels. Health and safety training is one of the key parts of this.
  3. Competency: As employers you have a legal duty to ensure your staff are trained, experienced and skilled to carry out their work, particularly if they are encountering risk. If you have a ‘working at height’ risk you will obviously need Working at Height (link) training as a way towards demonstrating your staff are competent to do the work. If you have a property your organisation will have a fire risk. As a result you must provide fire awareness training (link) to your staff. Training is vital for demonstrating competence in the workplace. Most health and safety regulations stipulate the need for relevant training.
  4. It is the right thing to do! Morally, you have a duty to ensure that your staff are safe. If they are operating machinery they must be trained to know how to do it, if they risk encountering asbestos (link) they must be trained to identify it and to know what they legally can and cant do with it. All good employers want their staff to go home safely and this is a really important reason to ensure they are trained.
  5. It is good for business: health and safety training is good for business. If you operate a company with a good reputation you certainly wouldn’t want to be ‘named and shamed’ for poor health and safety after an avoidable accident. Reputation and branding is so important and so is health and safety. Many clients look for companies who have health and safety accreditation such as CHAS and Constructionline in the construction sector. In order to achieve these you must train your staff appropriately. Professional companies have great staff and investing in them, keeping them safe and encouraging a good safety culture provides the right experience for your clients. This in turn brings about a growing reputation, more contracts and business growth.

As you can see there are many reasons to carry out health and safety training. The next thing is to consider is what health and safety training is needed? For smaller organisations, schools and SMEs this can be harder to work out. You don’t want to over invest in areas of safety training that are not relevant. Equally, you mustn’t miss opportunities to ensure your staff are trained in the right areas. As previously mentioned, one of the best places to start is to review your risk assessments. Identify what your risks are and make sure you have the correct training in place. JCH Safety offer auditing, inspections and assistance with risk assessments to clients across Coventry and Warwickshire. If you are struggling to identify what training you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would only be too pleased to assist.

As always, the HSE offer lots of free advice about health and safety. Have a look through their website and this will help you with identifying your health and safety risks and training needs.

We look forward to sharing more health and safety tips in the near future. In the meantime, if we can be of any assistance to you please get in touch.