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5 Reasons For Choosing Online Training

Jun 26, 2017

When choosing health and safety training it is really important to decide whether you would prefer to use online or classroom training. There are benefits to both approaches. Classroom training is the traditional method for imparting subject knowledge and allows a group of candidates to study together. For a lot of people, this is the preferred way to learn. JCH Safety offer all of our courses in both classroom style and online training. Everyone is familiar with classroom style learning but not everyone has done online training. It is worth noting that online training can vary dramatically so it is really important to use good quality providers whose courses are professionally endorsed by external quality bodies such as IIRSM, IOSH or ROSPA for example. All of our courses show the level of endorsement they have received to ensure that our clients are confident in the quality of our learning materials. We have also spent a lot of time ensuring that our training courses are designed in such a way as to be easy to use and enjoyable to take.

Online Training Mobile Screen

We wanted to offer some thoughts as to the benefits of online training to help you to choose the best ways to provide mandatory health and safety training. So here are our 5 Reasons for Choosing Online Training:

  1. Online training is really flexible- It can be really difficult to get a large number of people in the same place, at the same time. For example, everyone must have Basic Fire Awareness Training by law. However, if you are a large organisation, or even a small company, can you spare all of your staff at the same time to carry out training? With online training, the learner chooses the time and place to study that works for the organisation and the learner. It is really flexible and can literally be studied anywhere with a decent internet connection! This way training can be staggered to ensure legal compliance without interfering with the day to day running of the business!
  2. JCH Safety LTD provide the latest in interactive learning. Online training previously was considered to be dull and the quality of the learning experience was poor. This is not the case with our training! All of our courses provide video tutorials, animations and online, interactive quizzes to help you to learn the course material. This way, information that has been seen to be ‘a bit dry’, is much easier to absorb and learn. All of our courses can be started and stopped so they can either be studied in one sitting of a couple of hours, or over a few occasions as and when time permits. Our courses are split into short modules to allow clear ‘stop and start’ study opportunities.
  3. Our online training provides immediate results. All of our courses are marked automatically as soon as you complete the course. You don’t have to wait around for weeks for your certificates, they are issued immediately providing you with the confidence to know you have been properly trained.
  4. Value for Money- We ensure that our clients get value for money when they study with us. We don’t skimp on the study experience but use economies of scales to keep our course costs low and our user experiences high! Our courses are like one-to-one classroom lessons using the latest video teaching methods and interactive testing. Don’t worry, we give you more than one chance to pass your course! We want you to succeed, so you can go over and over the training materials as much as you need to with no extra cost.
  5. New starters- online training is great for new members of staff who may have missed previous training opportunities. You can buy an unlimited amount of licences so it doesn’t matter if you just need to train one person or 101 people! Online training really has the edge on keeping costs affordable. For companies looking to purchase a large number of licences please contact us us to discuss your needs and to arrange further discounts!

We hope you found this guide useful. We always value your comments and feel free to pass this guide on to your colleagues.

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