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5 questions answered about online health and safety training

Feb 3, 2020

This week I thought it would be a good idea to talk about health and safety training and online health and safety training in particular. If after reading, you have any more questions, please get in touch and we will get them answered for you!

Is online health and safety training any good?

I often hear clients saying that they have used online training before and their staff found it to be tedious and boring. Not great words to hear. I guess, as with everything, there are good and bad online health and safety courses. The key is to find a good online course provider and to ensure that the training is engaging, relevant and of a good quality. This sounds easy enough on the service but when you put ‘online health and safety training’ or ‘online manual handling training near me’ into Google there are loads of providers. Guess what, they all say their courses are the best and some even say their courses are fun! Personally, and I am a Chartered Health and Safety Consultant, when someone puts the words ‘fun’ and ‘health and safety training’ into a sentence I get a bit sceptical. Health and safety training is necessary, it is legally required and to be honest, it is serious. There is nothing fun about learning how not fall from height or how to carry out fire marshal duties. What there is good training and bad training. To put it bluntly, good health and safety training ensures learners retain relevant safety training information in order to carry out their duties responsibly and safely. Good training is engaging, clear and easy to follow without being patronising.

How to choose online health and safety training?

Start by knowing what training you need. This all starts from your risk assessment. In order to manage health and safety properly your organisation must have a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of your hazardous activities, processes and substances relating to your business. Make sure that you understand how to carry out a risk assessment and if you have never had any training about risk assessing the best place to start your training is to do an online introduction to risk assessment course. From this you can easily determine what other training your staff need. If you have work at height risks, such as staff working up ladders or scaffolds, you will realise that you must provide your staff with manual handling awareness training. If you have builders working on property where there is a risk of exposure to asbestos, you are legally required to ensure your staff have asbestos awareness training. There are online training courses for all sorts of things. Once you identify the training you need you then need to check that the training being provided is suitable. When choosing training look for training that is accredited. For example, our online asbestos awareness course is both ROSPA and IATP approved ensuring that your team are properly trained. Courses that do not have professional accreditation are worth steering clear of. This is where approved online health and safety courses come into their own. The certification is far superior to training provided by non-approved providers. You can be assured with online training that achieves professional recognition is of an excellent standard. So you have found an online training provider who sells accredited online health and safety training what do you do next? Prior to buying a load of licences straight off for the sake of speed that you might regret, instead check to see if the provider offers a free trial. All our online health and safety courses offer a free trail. It lets you look at the first unit and see what it is all about. Once you have looked at the free trail you can be confident that the course will work for you. I always recommend customers buying more than 20 licences to call us on 024 7774 7503 as we will give you a discount or purchasing incentive depending on what you are looking at. If you need a load of online fire extinguisher training licences we will give you special rates on your fire risk assessment or online fire marshal training too! It is always worth ringing the online training course provider to talk the courses through and to see what incentives they might offer! BUYER BEWARE – don’t purely by training on price alone. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. Poor training does not defend management in the case of legal action against an organisation. Ensure you choose a good quality and reputable provider.

What if the online health and safety training is too difficult to do?

This is a worry for some people. This is why it is so important to identify what training is needed and to find a good online health and safety training provider. If your staff have learning difficulties or maybe reading and writing problems, online health and safety training can really help. Our online training is all provided ‘video style.’ In other words, the online training is split into individual brief training sessions that are delivered by a person by voice. Our training does not require vast amounts of reading or writing ability so it is suitable for all learning types and abilities. Online health and safety training allows learners to proceed at their own pace. To take time to watch the video tutorials and to answer multiple choice questions in order to obtain the qualifications. You can watch the videos as often as you need to ensure learning has taken place. There is no reason why people cant work on the training together if that helps or to study at home alone. Whatever works for the individual is great. Good online health and safety training is flexible, can be studied anywhere and ensures learners take in the information they are being trained about. The online health and safety training provided by JCH Safety is set at the legally required level and this is accredited by an external professional body for your peace of mind.

What health and safety courses can I study online?

There are literally dozens of different online health and safety courses available to study. JCH Safety offer online health and safety training in all sorts of subjects including , Equality, Diversity and Discrimination training; Level 1 Food Safety- Catering ; Mental Health Awareness Training ; Stress Management Training ; Working in Confined Spaces online training ; Manual Handling training ; DSE online training ; and Asbestos Awareness online training.  There are so many more! Please feel free to click the above training tab to find out more about our online health and safety training courses.  

What if I fail the online health and safety course?

It is very rare that people fail our online health and safety training courses. All the information and answers to questions are provided in the training ensuring that you are fully equipped to answer the multiple choice questions after the unit you have been studying. You do have to demonstrate that learning has taken place in order for your training to be certified. We always make sure candidates have three opportunities to pass the course within our licence fee. After that, we normally will talk with the candidate and help them to identify where they are going wrong and then we will give you another free go to pass the training. We really want to help and will work with you to ensure learning has taken place. Remember, our training is all accredited to ensure the information is correctly provided to students in a way that is easily digested.

I hope the above information will help you to choose the right online training for you and your organisation. Please have a good look through our health and safety training courses and try the free trials. If you have any questions don’t forget that JCH Safety is a small and friendly consultancy. Pickup the phone and give us a ring if you need to – we can help you choose the right course for you. Alternatively, please contact us via the below contact box.

Good luck with your training and we will look forward to hearing from you soon.